Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I'm going to Japan this Saturday for 21 days.... me n Fizah Jusoh... both from HR Dpt... We'll attend an Economic Dev Prg - Mgt Training for Junior Officer. Previously, Mek Na.. she departured on last Sunday for 18 days but she went for Young Leaders Prg (Human Resources Dev). Actually, all of us applied for the same course but only Mek Na was accepted. The prg (HR) is fully sponsored by JICA but our prg is a collaboration between JPA n JICA.

Yesterday, both me n fizah attended briefing done by JPA. We were told that JICA want the list of 20 candidates within 24 hrs! As they run out of time... we, who applied for HR prg were asked to fill up another form to be sent to JICA... for other prg which is quit similar to the HR prg. From that moment... we feel that (p.e.r.a.s.a.n) we're accepted to go to Japan unofficially, but different prg.

How do I feel? I'm feeling nothing because I knew that before Dato' sign the memo... anything can happen. He's unpredictable..hiks! We were given the offer letter during the briefing and I prepare the memo (to be sign by Dato') once I reached office..... and... waiting with heart beating... he'll sign or not? sign or not? ye la... three of us (incl Mek Na) going to Japan...:P. Yezzaa... he signed it finally.. and I feel relief!

And now comes the second part of horror movie... Elaun Pakaian Panas. I applied once before... that time I'll going to Oman, but it turns out as a precedent to everybody.... over the General Order ... hmmm.. everyone knows 'bout that (refer to my post on So, now... what will be the reason to reject my application?

Har..har..har... nape lak speking lundun nih? Terai test jek.... kang aku cakap N9 ko.. fizah kecek kelate ko... owang jopun tak paham.... perektis dulu arrrr....

Bila dah dpt approval Dato.... terserempak ngan Ammar lak... Ammar kata nama aku naik utk gi Mauritius.... tapi, disebabkan dah ke Jepun, maka... org lain ganti... dgr citer AK. Elok la tuh.... melampau la klu aku p sana gak... sure sumer marah kat aku...hehehehe.... Botswana pun ada.... selamat pegi la ye RS dan AK. Errr... aku tak leh la kasi tau nama, takut tak jd la pulok... Anyway... kalo jd AK dan RS, aku nak kirim fridge magnet ekkk....buleh laaaa....

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